TASTING a whisky money CAN’T BUY…


whiskY is whiskEY right? WRONG… If you know the difference in the spelling you will know what I am talking about and would have enjoyed the recent FNB Whisky live Festival. If you don’t, however, nothing changes and you too would have enjoyed the event… You see kind sir, whether you know your peaty taste […]

“Customise” your own Whiskey? Are you MAD?

Whiskey Elements

Sometimes a man can’t afford the whiskies he really wants. Right? (See here, here and here.) WARNING: If you are a SUPER traditionalist when it comes to your liquid gold you probably should go and read something else. Try this. If, however, you are adventurous and the marriage of tradition and innovation excites you then […]

Nikka Pure Malt Black


As promised, here is our tasting notes on this Japanese Whisky. Get one for yourself at Makro or at the Bottleshop (between R480 and R490 per 500ml). The Nikka Pure Malt Black is a peaty Japanese whisky produced from mostly Yoichi malt with some Islay malt in the mix. Nose: The nose is peaty with […]