Bicycle Wine Rack


If you like biking (and you should) and wine (ditto) then you’re gonna love this! This handmade leather rack attaches to pretty much any bike frame, meaning you can take your wine wherever you go. Of course, you don’t need to take wine with you. Big craft beer bottles will work a treat too. Take […]

Freedom of Movement


“Freedom of Movement is a collective of ideas formulated to design and manufacture conventional and unconventional leather products and accessories. We are a proudly South African company and our brand aims to embody the spirit of freedom and encourages our consumer to live a life that reflects the true identity of each individual. Our own […]

Leather Liquor Carry Case


Well, who doesn’t need one of these. A carrying case for your special bottle of liquor, even including 4 tumblers. Now that’s stylish. Next time you want to celebrate a big moment put this beauty on the table and in an instant you would have upgraded your manliness status. ON SPECIAL FOR R1200 BUY NOW