Vinyl Wall Art


The devil is in the details. Or at least, that’s what they say. If you want to show someone that you care about your appearance, you need to pay attention to the finer details of how you dress. The same goes for where you live: if you want people to know that you care, you […]

Aviator Tom Cat Chair

Aviator Tom Cat Chair

“I feel the need… The need for speed!” ~ Top Gun We absolutely love unique furniture, leather, retro styling and yes, aviation. Combine all of these and you end up with a very unusual piece, the Aviator Tom Cat Chair. The seat that you occupy is very important, not only in look and feel but […]

DIY: Industrial Pipe Bench


If you haven’t noticed, we are pretty big into making your own furniture. Especially if you can make it form stuff you buy at a building supply store. Man points anyone? Click To Tweet Here all the parts are laid out. Easy to set up, and you can adjust it to fit any size you […]

Industrial Bar Cart


Listen up, if you take your drink seriously, then you need some serious storage. And you might as well make it look good. Enter the Industrial Bar Cart. Made by Vintro Design, a South African outfit, this cart is just what you need to stylishly present your drink collection. [Twitter “A true combination of form […]

Marvel Themed Bachelor Pad


Okay, so this might be the coolest bachelor pad we’ve ever seen if you like superheroes. Its not overwhelmingly geeky at all, instead its done very tastefully… Look at the little details on the wall featuring the Marvel characters. We’ve always liked the Chesterfield style for leather couches. Also look at the steel chest in […]

Floor Lamp


A man of class needs a stylish floor lamp. This is not open for negotiation. Choosing the right one however, can be a strenuous task. We made it easier for you – pick this one. Available in White and Black, both coming with a modern red wire, these lamps will liven up any living room. […]

DIY Industrial Pipe Table


If you favour yourself a handyman of sorts, then nothing should stop you from adding something this awesome to your man cave. Built entirely from pipe fittings and roofing timber, this table is not only cheap(ish) but will also make a statement. Not everyone can point to their coffee table centerpiece and say: “Look, I […]