Nikka Pure Malt Black

As promised, here is our tasting notes on this Japanese Whisky. Get one for yourself at Makro or at the Bottleshop (between R480 and R490 per 500ml).

The Nikka Pure Malt Black is a peaty Japanese whisky produced from mostly Yoichi malt with some Islay malt in the mix.


The nose is peaty with beautiful solventy notes. A box of ripening fruit and sweet honey. Maybe also some nutty scents.


Interesting, I didn’t quite expect this. Still a peaty presence, still fruity. But also an unexpected and difficult to explain taste. Perhaps a bit medicinal, but its complex and lovely. Oily and thick liquid. Peppery.


It finished softly, smokiness and fruitiness lingering. I also tasted some dark chocolate.

This is a complex and excellent introduction to Japanese whisky. Get a bottle, and drink this dram for no apparent reason…