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BREAKING: Cool NEW stuff from Apple!

So last night Apple announced a host of new upgraded products. We did the sifting of the best features so that you don’t have to! Read on:


OS X Yosemite is Apple’s new operating system. It’s already available for download for free, as per usual with Apple operating systems.

yosemite2 yosemite

One of the nice new features is Continuity, which syncs everything you’re busy with between all your Apple devices.

Also some updates in the form of iOS 8.1 and iWork – both available for download for free from this coming Monday.


New iPad Air 2


iPad Air 2

Overall the new iPad Air 2 is thinner and faster (the usual Apple tricks). Comes in a golden shade as well now, for those of you who like bling.

iPad Air 2 Touch ID

Yip, the iPad range also now has Touch ID, the same as on the iPhones.

iPad Air 2 Camera

We welcome the iSight Camera upgrade as well.

Starting at $499 for the WiFi only version, we foresee a R9000 starting price in SA.


New iPad mini 3

iPad Mini 3


We didn’t get much detail about the iPad mini 3, but we assume it shares most of the new features from the iPad Air 2.

Starting at $399 for the WiFi only version, expect to pay about R7500 for it here.

iMac Retina

iMac Front

Ain’t she a beauty….

iMac 5K screen

Biggest update to the iMac is the screen, which is now Retina (as Apple likes to call it), or crammed full of way too many pixels (as we like to call it).

The 27″ screen is now 5120 x 2880 pixels, or 5K.

iMac Resolution

5K resolution – to put that into perspective, not only is it 7 TIMES more pixels than HD, it’s also 67% more pixels than even 4K.

iMAc Price

Obviously not cheap (it is Apple after all) but we look forward to playing with one of these soon!

Expect to cough up an eye-watering R35 000 or more.


Mac Mini

The Mac Mini also got a refresh. Basically just some upgrades to the hardware, nothing fancy.

Mac Mini


Starting at $499. We predict it’ll land on our shores starting at about R9000.