The Worldʼs Toughest Coffee Maker


Catch-22. You are a tough guy and a coffee connoisseur. Only one small problem – swinging from a I-beam high up in the air or dominating a 4×4 track somewhere, your Lamarzocco won’t exactly fit in. Nespresso machines are cute, but quite fragile. What options do you have? Descend into the pits of instant powder […]

Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair 2018

HMC Decor

The fifth annual Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair was a smash hit once more this year. This fair, previously the Sanlam FoodWineDesign Fair held on the rooftop of Hyde Park Corner. With over 100 exhibitors and the fair spanning 3 days  there truly was something for everyone. The exhibitors included leather workers, handmade ice cream makers, hand pulled […]

Amazon Echo: Is Privacy Dead?

Amazon Echo

Amazon decided to surprise everyone with the announcement of the Amazon Echo – a talking, listening piece of electronic furniture. Say what? Akin to Siri and Google Now, this cylindrical speaker is always ready to answer any questions. Hello Alexa You wake it up by saying “Alexa” and then you can get it to do all […]

Vinyl Wall Art


The devil is in the details. Or at least, that’s what they say. If you want to show someone that you care about your appearance, you need to pay attention to the finer details of how you dress. The same goes for where you live: if you want people to know that you care, you […]

“Customise” your own Whiskey? Are you MAD?

Whiskey Elements

Sometimes a man can’t afford the whiskies he really wants. Right? (See here, here and here.) WARNING: If you are a SUPER traditionalist when it comes to your liquid gold you probably should go and read something else. Try this. If, however, you are adventurous and the marriage of tradition and innovation excites you then […]

Old School, New Tech: The Hemingwrite


In the Mad Men era offices were filled with the click-clack of typewriters. But the invention of word processors and personal computers changed all that. You’ll most often find journalists or bloggers sitting with their Macbooks in some coffee shop nowadays. But with this new technology came the limitations of battery life and the distractions of […]

9 Things You Use Everyday That Are Worth Paying For

Featured Image

Listen I get it. You’re saving. You want to travel. You don’t have the money right now. One day. But I’m also here to call you on your bullshit. Delayed gratification if taken too far, becomes a form of LIFE DEFERMENT! Click To Tweet It’s easier to use the “one day” excuse than it is […]

2015 Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R

R – Rated but Uncensored: Our take on the 2015 Honda Civic Type R What is manlier than a turbo? I would love to have everyone agree with me and stop right here, I won’t though. Let us go unreasonably deep like only the guys at Audaciously can (I know you’re smirking… Continue my good […]

BREAKING: Cool NEW stuff from Apple!

iMac Large

So last night Apple announced a host of new upgraded products. We did the sifting of the best features so that you don’t have to! Read on: Yosemite OS X Yosemite is Apple’s new operating system. It’s already available for download for free, as per usual with Apple operating systems. One of the nice new […]

Coffee: The ROK Espresso Maker

ROK Espresso Maker

If you like espresso coffee, but you’re on a tight budget, you don’t really have much choice. Or do you? Other than opting for some other method to prepare your coffee, such as Aeropress, plunger, drip or pour-over, you pretty much have to buy a crappy espresso machine, or spend a couple grand on something […]