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9 Things You Use Everyday That Are Worth Paying For

Listen I get it.
You’re saving.
You want to travel.
You don’t have the money right now.
One day.

But I’m also here to call you on your bullshit.

It’s easier to use the “one day” excuse than it is to face up to the realities of life. You’ll notice a trend on Audaciously when we talk about finance, and that is that counting cents is counterproductive: make more Rands. We’ll NEVER advise you to stop drinking your daily Seattle or Vida e Cafe coffee. On the contrary, do it guilt free! In our personal finance articles to come we’ll teach you how to sort out and automate your finances so that you can splurge lavishly on your passions.
But to the topic on hand. Many people buy cheap crap. See the above-mentioned excuses. However, we feel there is NO reason to be stingy on things you use everyday because if you buy something of quality it’ll last you a lifetime – Penny wise, pound foolish Mr. Watson. We are NOT saying you should SPLURGE money, on the contrary, but some things are worth spending good money on. Its about ROI (Return On Investment).

So, our list of things you should spend more money on in order to make sure you buy quality:

1. Your Sofa

We’re not saying you shouldn’t accept the hand me down from your brother. But if you are setting out to buy one, don’t get it at Mr Price Home okay? Save you money, and go buy yourself a classy leather couch at Coricraft. Not only will it last longer, it’s also more stylish AND leather is stain resistant. Just wipe it off. Done.
Look at this couch and tell me you don’t want that in your bachelor pad or mancave?
Entry level: Coricraft Leather Couch

Coricraft Couch
One level up: Weylandts Leather Couch

Weylandts Couch

2. Your Watch

A man should wear a watch, and it should be a good one. We don’t suggest going out and buying an IWC straight away, but a good quality Fossil or Skagen will do the trick nicely. People (and ahem, ladies) notice the small details of a man’s appearance and the details matter. Do it right. Get a stylish timepiece.
Entry level: Fossil Watch

Fossil Watch
One level up: Tissot Watch

Tissot Watch

3. Your Bag

The cheap backpack worked in high school. Get yourself a leather briefcase. Or a good duffel bag. Or a weekend bag. Doesn’t matter what it is, but once you’ve seen and felt the leather age over time you’ll never want luggage made from anything else. Spend money on this item and your grandchildren will be able to inherit it from you.
Entry level: Freedom of Movement – The Ralph 

FOM The Ralph
One level up: Saddleback Briefcase

Saddleback Briefcase

4. Your Sunglasses

If your not wearing sunglasses in this African sun, you’re an idiot. Do you want to have your retinas scorched out? No, didn’t think so. Get some good quality sunglasses with proper lenses. We have a penchant for Ray Ban’s. But just don’t buy Fakeleys at a robot kay?
Entry level: Ray Ban Wayfarers 

Ray Ban Wayfarer
One level up: Ray Ban Polarized Clubmaster

Ray Ban Clubmaster

5. Your Shoes

If you’re a working man, you wear dress shoes all the time. Do us a favour and buy proper ones? Not only will they last longer (if you take care of them that is) but they add some class to your outfits. And people (ladies) notice shoes. ‘Nough said.
Entry level: Woolworths Black Lace Up Shoes

Woolworths Shoes
One level up: ALDO Shoes

ALDO Shoes

6. Your Headphones

It doesn’t matter what your favourite music genre is, but sometimes a man just needs to lose himself in some musical landscapes. If you are using R50 el cheapo headphones you are doing yourself and the artists a dishonour. You don’t need to go crazy and get top of the line studio headphones.
Entry level: Sennheiser HD201

Sennheiser HD201
One level up: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser Momentum

7. Your Coffee

Well we sort of reckon you can argue this is an everyday object. At least for us it is. Yet we still see people drink Ricoffy, or the “better” version Nescafe. Yuck. Man up and start making better coffee. Start with the easiest method ever: plunger (or French Press). Google and find your nearest coffee roaster, they are ALL over South Africa by now. Get FRESHLY ROASTED coffee beans. No excuses. Grind them yourself. Add boiling water. Let it steep. Plunge and enjoy. Or try Aeropress. We also approve of Nespresso machines if you’re more a convenience type of guy.

Entry level: Plunger with freshly roasted and ground coffee, or Aeropress

Bodum Plunger
One level up: ROK Coffee Maker

ROK Coffee

8. Your Books

Huh? You don’t read from a book everyday? Shame on you. A man reads daily, end of story. But don’t just read random fiction all the time. Nothing wrong with it of course, but sometimes you need to lose yourself in some Kafka, Hemingway or Bukowski or try to wade through Virginia Woolf.
Entry level: Hemingway, Bukowski or Tolkien are great places to start.

One level up: Get a Kindle. It’ll change your life.


9. Your Shaving Gear

Are you still rocking a Gillette Mach 3? Or worse, using disposable razors? Listen up, you need to invest in some timeless shaving gear. Not only will this make you feel sophisticated when shaving, it’s actually better for your skin too! More blades are NOT better.

Entry level: Safety Razor and Shaving Brush

Safety Razor
One level up: Cut throat razor and Badger Hair Shaving Brush.

Cut Throat Razor

Do us and yourself a favour and at least consider some of our above recommendations. You’ll be grateful.