5 Things I Learned In My 20s

Things, thoughts and events can hold us back from living Audaciously. Especially when you are a young gent straight out of college and you are trying to wrap your head around this ever-evolving thing called life. I don’t think I was the only person who woke up the first morning of my first real job thinking: “Is this it? Is this what I was called for?” To help us live an audacious life and overcome some of the riddle’s in our head, here is some of the things I have learned in my twenties:

1. You are much better off than you think you are.
Stop comparing yourself to your friends and your parents when they were your age. Social media only displays the good in everybody’s life. It is up to you to then choose to see the bad and ugly in our own. Everybody faces the same battles than you are, so forget about it and push forward.

2. Everybody finds their perfect partner, and so will you.
There is no perfect story, game plan or timeline in which you can perfectly calculate the when, where or who. But I have learned that everybody, and I mean everybody eventually finds the perfect person at the perfect time. Okay, statistically not everybody…but even the oddballs finds their lid, and it is worth waiting and fighting for.

3. Read personal financial books.
The best thing you can do, which will influence every aspect of your life is to increase your own financial literacy. Nobody is going to set up a budget, save or invest for you. Know your spending habits, limit your credit and get somebody to keep you accountable (no pun intended). You are either a consumer or a saver.

4. You are not entitled to anything.
The biggest mistake I have made regarding my mind set was believing that hard work and a professional degree would give me success and financial freedom. This mind set will lead you into thinking that you are entitled to a high salary and respect… Eventually you will find out everybody is on the same playing field. You have to work really hard, and learn to analyse opportunities and be audacious enough to continuously live outside of the box.

5. People are your biggest asset and liability (that includes you).
People will always remember how you made them feel, and the world we live in is incredibly connected. So embrace meeting new people and protect the relationships that you already have. You will never know how things play out in the future.


What do you think? Anything to add?

Editor’s Note: This is a post by  Leon van Vuuren