The Worldʼs Toughest Coffee Maker


You are a tough guy and a coffee connoisseur. Only one small problem – swinging from a I-beam high up in the air or dominating a 4×4 track somewhere, your Lamarzocco won’t exactly fit in. Nespresso machines are cute, but quite fragile.

What options do you have? Descend into the pits of instant powder coffee? Or forego your caffeine fix altogether?

That is what the OXX guys set out to fix.

Enter the World’s Toughest Coffee Maker.

OXX Coffee Maker Handle

OXX Coffee Maker

Everything is sealed to IP55 standards, which basically just means it’s: crush-proof, dust-proof,spill-proof, rust-proof, water resistant and impact resistant. And the 2.5L removable water tank should see you through the day (unless you REALLY have a caffeine problem).

OXX Coffee Maker Diagram

It even has tough big buttons, for large hand or even gloved operation.

OXX Coffee Maker Buttons

It’s the “Nespresso” for men. A truly rugged system that uses K-Cup capsules for decent single serving coffee.

OXX Coffee Maker Capsules

It also has a separate boiling water function, so you can use this machine to make your cup of green tea as well.

OXX Coffee Maker Boiling

At the moment still just a Kickstarter campaign, but we really hope this gets put into production. We’d love to take one camping, and see just how tough it really is.