Rydon Golf 100

When we receive a message from our local Golf shop about their annual sale, we get all excited. Excited about new golfing gear to improve our game and impress our buds. But how often do we review the most important tool to the game?

Rudy Project is well known worldwide for their custom sunglasses in almost every sport. Well known to the cycling community, with different tints, frames and lens combinations available. There is an equation to a pair of successful sport sunglasses, and I believe the Rydon Golf 100 has it.
Okay, let’s break the formula down to the x’s and y’s.

An ultralight Frame (X)
The Rydon model can interchange its lenses and is 100% adjustable on the Nose Bridge and sides, called Temples. Both from which you can customize with a chromatic kit. The temples are made out of KYNETIUM®, an ultra-light Aerospatial Aluminium alloy. It is a combination of magnesium, silicon and titanium. The frame front is made out of Carbon which assures a lightweight and durable option, combined with Titanium. Everything about this frame is designed so that you do not notice that you are wearing it, and air vent designs to reduce fogging and mistiness.

Plus Exceptional Lenses (+Y)
The ImpactX™ lenses are guaranteed unbreakable for life (go on and read that again) with superior anti scratch and optical performance. The one thing that makes this a must have for golf, is the photochromatic property. This simply means the lens will adapt to the light intensity wherever you may find yourself, the scorching sun, overcast weather or those late afternoons putting sessions. The polarized property reduces the amount of glare on all surfaces, and allows you to accurately evaluate the contours of the pitch. Lastly not forgetting the 100% UV protection, you will be covered.


Gives you an Enhanced Performance (=Z)
Your local optometrist can fit and adjust the frame to the tee. The green colour of the lens, combined with all the above mentioned properties will give you an enhanced perception and contrast between the different aspects of the game. I find it much easier to track and locate the ball; evaluate the putting pitch and adapting to the ever changing light conditions. The advanced optics behind the lens ensures a soft and gentle feel, together with the pinpoint clarity and sharpness we need on an eighteen. A perfect combination guaranteed to improve your golfing experience.
Thus, X+Y=Z… and it really does!

See more at Rudy Project.

Editor’s Note: This is a post by our resident optometrist (yeah, we have one, got a problem with that?) Leon van Vuuren