Old School, New Tech: The Hemingwrite

In the Mad Men era offices were filled with the click-clack of typewriters. But the invention of word processors and personal computers changed all that. You’ll most often find journalists or bloggers sitting with their Macbooks in some coffee shop nowadays. But with this new technology came the limitations of battery life and the distractions of the internet (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Enter the Hemingwrite.

Hemingwrite Logo

Some of you might think this is a stupid gimmick, but for serious writers this is a brilliant idea. You get an old school mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, a 6″ E-Ink display with a 300ppi resolution that shows what you type along with the day, date, time, battery level, and WiFi status. Battery life is >6 WEEKS. The on-board memory can store more than a million pages of text (enough for even the most prolific writers) and sync with Google Docs or Evernote when you go on WiFi. It also looks like an actual typewriter, but is small and light owing to an aluminum case to remain portable. The handle is a nice touch too.

No social media, emails or cat videos. Only focus and productivity. Everything you need to be able to become the next Hemingway or Thoreau – both real men that wrote masterpieces.

Hemingwrite Details


Hemingwrite Red

At this point in time its still only a concept, as part of Engadget’s Insertcoin Competition but a lot of interest has been expressed so we think it’ll see light.

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