DIY: Industrial Pipe Bench

If you haven’t noticed, we are pretty big into making your own furniture. Especially if you can make it form stuff you buy at a building supply store.


Here all the parts are laid out. Easy to set up, and you can adjust it to fit any size you want. A quick breakdown:
1x plank (+/-2500 x 300 x 50mm)
8x 90-degree elbows;
4x T-fittings;
4x short nipples;
12x longer nipples;
4x pipe clamps;
4x end caps.

Shouldn’t cost a lot, especially if you buy from a plumbing store.


The assembly is self-explanatory and should be quick.


Here you can see the genius of the design, where the plank supports itself on the legs.

There you have. Easy and audacious.

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