The world is broken because manliness has gone missing.

Whoah there Rambo, tough statement to make? Indeed it is.
And as men ourselves we found it extremely difficult to get online content to read that really spoke to us.

 Spoke to our manliness, not just our gender.
 Spoke to our masculinity, not just our muscles.
 Spoke to our intellect, not just our sexuality.

But we couldn’t find it online.

The problem with men’s magazines is that they are overflowing with crap articles about sex and weight loss. It’s like the art of creating good content died a silent death. No one cares what they write. It’s just a proliferation of garbage. Hyped up headlines chosen to gain attention. They stereotype all men into broad categories of overly sexual, into sports and a bit slow.

We didn’t like that. Nope, not one bit.

So as any enterprising men should do when encountered with a problem, we set out to create the solution.

That was the birth of Audaciously

You see, we are guys too. And it feels like there is a certain trust relationship that gets broken when magazine try to “sell” you articles. Flashy headlines and pictures of half-naked girls doth the good article maketh. But we disagree.
Content is still what it’s about. Content that wasn’t written by some robot journalist that freelances all over the place, with no real vested interest.

At Audaciously we the founders still write most of the articles. They are crafted with love and care, we do research, we ponder the placing and meaning of words and we actually give a damn.

We don’t endorse products we don’t personally like. We don’t “fluff” up reviews if we get the product for free.

We don’t flatter for money, sorry.

We choose headlines that might not pass the Upworthy Test, but at least you don’t feel cheated when you click on the link.

At Audaciously, what you see is what you get.

We are a no bullshit online magazine by men for men. An online, community driven website if you will. Because without you, we wouldn’t be able to do this.

Keep on reading and we promise to keep on writing.

And remember: Live Audaciously!